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state of the art technology

System Overview:

A key characteristic of the Profit Track system is its utilization of the same "web based" tools by all system users whether the function is being used by a dealer, agent or by personnel at ASI. This assures results will be consistent between users and reconciliation issues isolated and minimized or eliminated. ASI will provide direct access to the system for F&I, back office, dealers and agents.  This access will allow transaction data to be shared for both quoting and other uses. Dealership personnel would access the system via the web with user ids and passwords controlled at the Dealership. 

System Summary Highlights:

  • New business Quotes via eRating

  • Contracting via eContracting

  • Self invoicing sold contracts (Issues - Cancels) eliminating AR/AP issues

  • Electronic process provide instant contract information for our adjusters to handle claims that may occur when the customer drives off the lot.

  • All Dealer reporting accessible via the web portal.

  • Expanded reinsurance reporting

  • Full support available on a real time basis