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When you ask our customers and agents what differentiates Smart AutoCare from other administrators, one of the most common responses is the Smart AutoCare claims service. Unlike many in our industry, we seek to find solutions to problems and common ground to pay claims, not technicalities to decline them. We view our dealers and repair facilities as partners in the process to create lasting relationships and get our contract holders back on the road as quickly as possible.

 We provide customized training for our team and a proprietary claims system to enhance speed and performance. We strive to provide fast, accurate, and reliable service.  Our team has the expertise and specialized knowledge to handle even the most complex claims, as well as the proprietary software system designed specifically for adjudicating claims.

What is the claims procedure?

After you contact us initially, we will need your repair facility to contact us in order to get the exact details of the repair. When the repair facility contacts us with the details, our Claims Department will analyze the claim and respond with a claims decision directly to the repair facility. Since each claim is unique, the processing time varies but generally claims can be handled within a couple of hours. All updates regarding your claim should typically come from the repair facility directly.

How are claims paid?

On approved claims, each repair facility has the option to request payment via credit card or a check to be mailed out.  Most credit card payments are made to the repair facility directly within 2 hours of our office receiving the final invoice on the claim.  It's quick and easy, to get you back on the road faster!

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