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peace of mind.

We live by providing superior service to our customers, dealers and agents. Our reputation is earned everyday in the services we provide and nowhere is that more evident than in the specialized services we offer. Each of these services are marked by our focus on developing win-win solutions for our customers.

Years of Experience

We’ve been in the service contract business since 1990, so your customers receive the benefit of our great products, years of experience and superior service.

Same-Day Claims Payment

We provide fast, accurate and reliable service. Claims are paid within two hours by credit card.

Partner Interface

Our system supports eRating & eContracting with any and all 3rd party vendors such as menu companies and consolidators.

A-Rated Insurance Backing

All contracts are backed by a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) issued by an “A” rated carrier.  This means that our dealers and customers are protected by having a direct route to both the administrator and insurance company.

Accepted Nationwide, You Choose the Repair Shop!

Our service contracts are accepted from coast to coast.  You can pick any ASE certified repair shop of your choice.

Contract Option

Contract options allow you to provide coverage for any new, used, or wrap coverage.

Transferable and Cancelable

Based on state and lender requirements contracts can be canceled at any time. You can increase the resale value of your vehicle by transferring your contract when you sell your car.

Easy to Use

Our eRating & eContracting services make it easy for a Dealer to get quick and accurate rates on all products!

Our Technology

Our information technology strategy is centered on providing seamless integration with its distribution partners and a system that empowers its workforce and facilitates innovation by providing the tools and flexibility to provide top-tier administration services in a dynamic competitive environment.